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Jun 18.2018 - Published by: Creator Contributor

How to Grow Your Business in 2018 through Influencer Marketing Campaigns

In today’s highly competitive market, all sorts of businesses are struggling to stay relevant, regardless of their size and industry. Each year, it is becoming more challenging for businesses to achieve their goals, get recognition, attract more customers, and eventually increase their profits.

It has become a widely known fact that companies simply cannot make it unless they have created a strong marketing campaign. Luckily, there is a variety of different marketing methods in 2018 that businesses can leverage.

These include creating interactive content, user-generated content, making the use of voice search technology, chatbots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, event marketing, account-based content marketing, and influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing and numerous influencer marketing platforms that run on blockchain have quickly become one of the best ways to help businesses come up with powerful marketing campaigns. In this post, we will provide you with details on how running an influencer marketing campaign can help your businesses achieve its long-term objectives, as well as how it can greatly benefit from blockchain platforms.


What exactly influencer marketing is?

influencer marketing campaigns

While the term influencer marketing can be heard a lot these days, not everyone is closely familiar with what it actually means. Influencer marketing refers to the process of spreading the message about your brand with the help of influencers – people who have a large follower base on Instagram or other social media platforms.

They are not actually celebrities (although some of them are quite famous), but they rather specialize in certain areas they are knowledgeable about, and they share their personal experiences with some products with their followers, explaining how they can be used and how people can benefit from them.

The reason why this kind of marketing became so incredibly popular and effective is due to the fact that more than 80 percent of consumers trust word of mouth recommendations for services and products from the people they trust even if they don’t know them in person, rather than brands.

If, for instance, an Instagram influencer shares a story with their followers about how good your products are, it is highly likely that a great number of them will rush to purchase it, and that’s the reason why businesses are trying to find Instagram influencers that will closely align with their brandIn addition, according to some reports, 92 percent of marketers who were using this type of marketing in 2017 found it to be the most effective method.

That is why the majority of businesses are turning to influencer marketing platforms that run on blockchain – these platforms are designed to help you easily find and get in touch with influencers who specialize in your niche and make beneficial business relationships with them.


How running an influencer marketing campaign can help your business grow

The reasons to launch an influencer marketing campaign are endless, but we will focus on some of the major benefits, to give you a more detailed insight into why this marketing method is the best choice for your business:


  1. 1. It is significantly more effective than traditional ads

While online ads are still popular and we practically cannot get away from them, the majority of people find them rather annoying, so they are using ad blockers to remove them from the websites they are visiting.

No matter how great your online ad is, if a user has an ad blocker enabled on their device, they won’t even get a chance to see it, which implies that this is not such an effective marketing strategy. If you need to overwhelm your audience with the products or services your business has to offer, it is highly likely that they will be repelled rather than enticed to buy them. On the other hand, influencer marketing is not invasive at all and is proven to work every time.


  1. influencer marketing campaigns

    2. It generates a great return on investment

According to certain studies, influencer marketing campaigns generate an 11 times greater ROI when compared to traditional marketing campaigns. What is more, there are statistics which show that these campaigns bring businesses 6.50 USD for each dollar they spend, so it becomes clear why investing in influencer marketing is the smartest financial investment you can make.


  1. 3. Every business can make use of it

No matter which industry your company falls under and no matter if it is a startup or a large enterprise, this kind of marketing is suited for any business out there. Nowadays, you can find influencers in practically any industry you can think of, regardless of whether you are selling beauty products, software, furniture, etc. or providing consulting or any other types of services.


  1. 4. You will be able to reach highly targeted audiences

Managing to drive hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your website on a daily basis is no longer impossible. However, if this traffic doesn’t consist of visitors which are highly targeted, it is highly unlikely that they will decide to stick around on your website, let alone make any purchases.

With an influencer marketing campaign, on the other hand, any visitor that decides to visit your website is guaranteed to be highly targeted, as they are already interested in products you are offering and are, in the majority of cases, looking to make a purchase.


  1. 5. You can increase brand awareness

Not only that this kind of marketing can help you attract more visitors, convert more leads, and generate a great ROI, but it is also the best way of boosting awareness of your brand. If an influencer posts some content about your brand on their social media profile, their followers are definitely going to recognize it as trustworthy since they greatly rely on their judgment.


6. How blockchain platforms can help is a blockchain protocol for content creation designed to connect marketers with influencers they can benefit from, as well as to make influencer marketing safe and affordable through the use of CR8 tokens. helps you find the perfect content creator for your business based on more than 50 essential criteria that need to be taken into consideration.

Moreover, it ensures timely payments as soon as the content is approved, provides you with actionable insights, sentiment analysis, and metrics which are beneficial for monitoring the success of your influencer marketing campaign, and automatically reviews your content through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

To sum up, influencer marketing is the best way to leverage the fact that consumers will always trust other people’s recommendations more when it comes to buying products and services than brands and their ads. So, if you are looking for ways to get more recognition, stay ahead of your competitors and increase the number of your loyal customers, influencer marketing campaigns are here to help!

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