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Jun 25.2018 - Published by: Creator Contributor

6 Features that Influencer Marketing Platforms Should Have

Influencer marketing has exploded over the last few years. We have reached a point in time where 70% of millennial consumers listen to the recommendations of their peers when making purchasing decisions and 30% of consumers are more likely to buy a service or product recommended by an influencer.

To make it easier for brands to find influencers and enable influencers to monetize their audience, many influencer marketing platforms emerged on the market. On the surface, all these platforms look the same. But under the hood, the features are what makes them different. They are the crucial elements that will help you tell the best influencer marketing platforms from the sub-par ones.

Here is our list of 6 essential features that a good influencer marketing platform must have.

1. Searchability

influencer marketing platformsWhen it comes to identifying influencers, the searchability feature is the most important one. Instead of allowing brands to only browse through the database of influencers, the best platforms also enhance the search process.

Thanks to the improved searchability, brands can quickly identify the right kind of influencers, which can be crucial when the influencer marketing campaign has to be quickly prepped and launched.

Be careful though, as not all influencer marketing platforms have the same searchability features. The search criteria are what makes the difference. The best influencer marketing platforms should have influencer identifying tools with as many criteria options as possible. These range from gender and age to brand affinity and personality archetype.

This is why you should pay close attention to an influencer marketing platform when you are testing it. With a powerful search function, you will be able to gain access to the right kind of audience and achieve great results.

2. Campaign Management

Most of the influencer marketing platforms are only there to help brands find influencers. There are very few that offer a complete toolset to help both brands and influencers streamline their cooperation. This is where the campaign management tool really shines.

The campaign management feature is found in the best platforms out there and it helps brands manage the entire workflow on the go. This feature comes with numerous tools, including campaign setup (target social media platform, content type, dates, etc), content approval and payment process tools.

Since it allows brands to streamline their influencer marketing efforts and have full control and insight into the current influencer marketing campaigns, this feature is a must have; especially today, when brands tend to diversify their influencer marketing efforts and maintain long-term relationships with the influencers.

3. Analytics and Reporting

influencer platformAnalytics and reporting are very important in influencer marketing. An influencer platform that comes with these features should always be among your top choices. It will help you find out how well you’ve spent your money, or whether your current influencer is helping you achieve your goals, and so on.

Analytics and reporting are features deeply embedded in the influencer marketing platform code. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to see reports generated from the data retrieved from social media platforms and discover how well each of your campaigns performs. More importantly, you’ll be able to accurately determine the ROI of your influencer marketing campaign.

Analytics will also help you see the engagement metric for each shared piece of content, such as shares, comments, video views, number of likes, posts, conversion rates, lifetime value, the audience’s sentiment, and so on.

The more social media platforms are tracked, the better and more accurate the reports are going to be. This is why you should look for influencer platforms with an integrated omni-platform measurement tool.

4. Audience Insights

Are you very specific about what kind of influencer you want to hire for your next campaign? Would you like to have a sneak peak behind the scenes and make sure they really have access to your kind of audience? There’s a feature that can help you with that – audience insights.

Audience insights is an improved way of social listening across multiple social media platforms. This tool will help you dive deep into the metrics and closely review the audience of each influencer on the platform.

Not only will you know the number of followers through audience insights,  but also detailed information about each individual post (likes, shares, comments, etc), age range, gender, geolocation, and so on.

5. AI, Machine Learning and API Integrations

best influencer marketing platformWe live in the age of intelligent technologies, so it’s not surprising to see influencer marketing platforms incorporating some of them. With AI and machine learning powering up such a platform, brands can gain real-time insights into sentiment, awareness, and engagement.

Thanks to this this, brands can quickly identify the influencers that provide the most value and the most efficient social media platforms to use in their campaigns.

Apart from smart technologies, API integrations dictate the use case for every influencer platform out there. Why? Because API integrations make it possible for these platforms to return all the valuable data we have mentioned so far.

The most popular social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify, and Twitch. If you want to maximize your reach and be able to identify all the opportunities influencer marketing has to offer, be on the lookout for an influencer platform that is an official API partner of as many social media platforms as possible.

6. The Power of Blockchain

Blockchain has made it possible for brands and influencers to finally benefit from influencer marketing in a new and improved way.

First of all, thanks to the smart contracts, payments are near-instant, come with no service fees and have  no borders. The fact is, blockchain and smart contracts are bound to really change influencer marketing as we know it.

Blockchain also brings transparency to this type of collaboration and ensures accuracy, security, and reliability of the platform.

Among the best influencer marketing platforms, including Upfluence, Revfluence, Heepsy, and Hypr, is overall the most complete one. comes with all the above-mentioned features and support for all relevant social media platforms. On top of all the must-have features, this platform makes it even easier and safer for brands and influencers to efficiently collaborate, by adding Blockchain technology, AI, and machine learning to the mixture.

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